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    Home Organisation and Units Division Legal Metrology Certificates of Importers
Certificates of Importers
S. No Name IEC Number Certificate Number Date of Issue Equipment Date of Validity Action
101 M/s Royal Collections, Kerala IMP/KL/28/2016 30.08.2016 All types of weighing and measuring instruments (Digital & analogue) 29.8.2021 Download (330.76KB) pdf
102 M/s Nilkamal Ltd, Mumbai IMP/MH/13/2016 02.05.2016 Non automatic weighing instruments 1.5.2021 Download (343.33KB) pdf
103 M/s Gramton Weighing Automations, Maharashtra IMP/MH/29/2016 30.08.2016 Non automatic weighing instruments  29.8.2021 Download (336.25KB) pdf
104 M/s Endress+Hauser (India) Pvt Ltd, Mumbai IMP/MH/14/2016 02.05.2016 All types of measuring instruments (Flowmeter) 1.5.2021 Download (341.47KB) pdf
105 M/s Deepak Healthcare, Maharashtra IMP/MH/30/2016 09.09.2016 Non automatic weighing instruments and Thermometer 8.9.2021 Download (338.75KB) pdf
106 M/s M/s Vanza Engineers Ltd,Mumbai IMP/MH/15/2016 02.05.2016 All types of mechanical & electronic Measuring instruments  1.5.2021 Download (342.36KB) pdf
107 M/s Bright Healthcare, Karnataka IMP/KTK/31/2016 09.09.2016 All types of mechanical & electronic measuring instruments, sphygmomanometers and thermometer 8.9.2021 Download (334.98KB) pdf
108 M/s Inel gas Controls pvt Ltd IMP/GJ/16/2016 02.05.2016 RPD Gas Meters and Electronic volume correctors 1.5.2021 Download (349.42KB) pdf
109 M/s Poonawala Electro Weight, Gujarat IMP/GJ/32/2016 09.09.2016 Non automatic weighing instruments  8.9.2021 Download (330.62KB) pdf
110 M/s Unique Power Technologies, Rajasthan IMP/RJ/17/2016 02.05.2016 Non automatic weighing instruments  1.5.2021 Download (340.97KB) pdf
111 M/s Recombigen Laboratories Pvt Ltd., Delhi IMP/DL/33/2016 09.09.2016 Non automatic weighing instruments, blood pressure meter(sphygmomanometers) and Thermometers 8.9.2021 Download (339.43KB) pdf
112 M/s Hanbit Automation Technologies pvt Ltd IMP/Telangana/01/2016 02.02.2016 Gas Meter 1.2.2021 Download (309.97KB) pdf
113 M/s Hardic Meditech, Delhi IMP/DL/18/2016 02.05.2016 Non automatic weighing instruments  1.5.2021 Download (337.44KB) pdf
114 M/s Caliber Scales India Pvt Ltd, Delhi IMP/DL/34/2016 27.09.2016 Non automatic weighing instruments  26.9.2021 Download (277.40KB) pdf
115 M/s Thermo Fisher Scientific Pvt Ltd, Mumbai IMP/MH/02/2016 02.02.2016 NAWI Thermometer 1.2.2021 Download (312.42KB) pdf
116 M/s R.K. Trading, Delhi IMP/DL/19/2016 Steel tape measure of fabric or plastic tape measure Download (458.31KB) pdf
117 M/s MHS Pharmaceutical Pvt Ltd, Taminadu IMP/TN/35/2016 27.09.2016 Sphygmomanometers and thermometer 26.9.2021 Download (292.51KB) pdf
118 M/s Riviera Glass Pvt Ltd, Mumbai IMP/MH/03/2016 02.02.2016 NAWI 1.2.2021 Download (354.59KB) pdf
119 M/s Autometers Energitec Limited,  UP IMP/UP/66/2015 19.11.2015 Weighing and Measuring Instrument (Related with Gas Meter, PNG). 18.11.2020 Download (63.17KB) pdf
120 M/s Pakona Engineers India Pvt Ltd., Gujarat IMP/GJ/51/2015 9.9.2015 Automatic Gravimetric Filling Machine 8.9.2020              Download (52.67KB) pdf