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    Home Organisation and Units Division Legal Metrology Certificates of Importers
Certificates of Importers
S. No Name Certificate Number Date of Issue Equipment Date of Validity Action
141 M/s Compac Industries India Ltd, Delhi IMP/DL/53/2015 9.9.2015 Mass Flow Meters 8.9.2020              Download (54.44KB) pdf
142 M/s Orbitron Enterprise, Gujarat IMP/GJ/69/2015 4.12.2015 Non automatic Weighing Instruments (Digital Type). 3.12.2020 Download (44.69KB) pdf
143 M/s Giriraj Trading Company, Delhi IMP/DL/54/2015 10.9.2015 Steel Tape Measures and Fabric or Plastic Tape Measure. 9.9.2020              Download (58.16KB) pdf
144 M/s Shrirang Scales Corporation, Gujarat IMP/GJ/70/2015 14.12.2015 Water Meter. 13.12.2020 Download (43.68KB) pdf
145 M/s Prajwal Dental & Surgicals, Bangalore IMP/KK/55/2015 6.10.2015 Non automatic Weighing Instruments, Sphygmomanometers, and Thermometer. 5.10.2020 Download (54.75KB) pdf
146 M/s Ramon Surgical Company, Delhi IMP/DL/71/2015 14.12.2015 Non automatic Weighing Instruments. 13.12.2020 Download (41.64KB) pdf
147 M/s Bharat Enterprises, Delhi IMP/DL/25/2015 11.05.2015 Steel Tape Measures and Fabric or Plastic Tape Measure. 10.05.2020 Download (55.68KB) pdf
148 M/s Raghavendra Automation Private Ltd., Chennai IMP/TN/40/2015 LPG Dispensers Download (52.37KB) pdf
149 CNG dispenser, RPD meter, Turbine IMP/GJ/09/2015 12.2.2015 CNG Dispenser, RPD Meter, Turbine Meter, Diaphragm, and Ultrasonic Flow Meter 11.2.2020 Download (78.03KB) pdf
150 M/s Haldiram Snacks Pvt. Ltd., UP IMP/UP/26/2015 11.05.2015 Automatic and Non automatic Weighing Instruments. 10.05.2020 Download (58.85KB) pdf
151 M/s S.K. International, Delhi IMP/DL/41/2015 17.7.2015 Steel Tape Measures and Fabric or Plastic Tape Measure. 16.7.2020 Download (54.07KB) pdf
152 M/s Arushi Exports, Delhi  IMP/DL/10/2015 12.02.2015 Measuring Tapes 11.02.2020 Download (53.69KB) pdf
153 M/s Newnik Lifecare Private Limited, Karnataka IMP/KK/27/2015 11.05.2015 Non automatic Weighing Instruments, Sphygmomanometers and Thermometer. 10.05.2020 Download (57.83KB) pdf
154 M/s CM Gaming India Private Limited, Delhi IMP/DL/42/2015 30.7.2015 Non automatic Weighing Instruments. 29.7.2020 Download (72.23KB) pdf
155 M/s R O Scales Corp., Delhi IMP/DL/11/2015 17.02.2015 Non automatic Weighing Instruments and Measuring Tapes. 16.02.2020 Download (84.84KB) pdf
156 M/s VaaaN Infra Pvt Ltd., Haryana IMP/HN/28/2015 14.05.2015 Automatic Weighing Instruments. 13.05.2020 Download (55.11KB) pdf
157 M/s Weigh-Tech Equipments, Delhi IMP/DL/43/2015 30.7.2015 Non automatic Weighing Instruments 29.7.2020 Download (72.81KB) pdf
158 Haldiram Snacks Pvt Ltd., UP IMP/UP/12/2015 17.02.2015 Automatic and Non automatic Weighing Instruments. 16.02.2020 Download (54.98KB) pdf
159 M/s Haldiram Snacks Pvt. Ltd., UP IMP/UP/29/2015 14.05.2015 Automatic and Non automatic Weighing Instruments. 13.05.2020 Download (55.35KB) pdf
160 M/s Rockwin Flowmeter India Pvt. Ltd., Delhi IMP/DL/44/2015 30.7.2015 Gas Meters. 29.7.2020 Download (54.31KB) pdf