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    Home Organisation and Units Division Legal Metrology Certificates of Importers
Certificates of Importers
S. No Name IEC Number Certificate Number Date of Issue Equipment Date of Validity Action
141 M/s Samarpan Fabricators Pvt. Ltd., Gujarat IMP/GJ/77/2015 31.12.2015 Automatic Gravimetric Filling Machine and Non automatic Weighing Instruments. 30.12.2020 Download (39.38KB) pdf
142 M/s Allport International Pvt. Ltd., Delhi IMP/DL/62/2015 15.10.2015 Diaphragm Flow Meter, RPD Flow Meter, Turbine Flow Meter, Ultrasonic Flow Meter, Mass Flow Meter, Electronic Volume Corrector (EVC), CNG/LPG/LNG Dispensers. 10.10.2020 Download (66.09KB) pdf
143 M/s Haryana Mori Center, Delhi IMP/DL/78/2015 31.12.2015 Steel Tape Measures and Fabric or Plastic Tape Measure. 30.12.2020 Download (39.33KB) pdf
144 M/s National Corporation,  Gujarat IMP/GJ/63/2015 6.11.2015 Non-automatic weighing Instrument and Measuring Tapes. 5.11.2020 Download (48.19KB) pdf
145 M/s B. Lal Establishment, Maharashtra  IMP/MH/64/2015 17.11.2015 Steel Tape Measures and Fabric or Plastic Tape Measure 16.11.2020 Download (49.70KB) pdf
146 M/s Contech Instruments Limited, Maharashtra IMP/MH/65/2015 17.11.2015 Non automatic Weighing Instruments (Digital Type) 16.11.2020 Download (48.56KB) pdf
147 M/s Trendy lmpex, Chennai IMP/TN/36/2015 3.7.2015 Non automatic Weighing Instruments. 2.7.2020 Download (52.03KB) pdf
148 M/s Tanishk Electronic, Madhya Pradesh IMP/MP/50/2015 27.8.2015 All types of Electronic Weighing and Measuring Instruments 26.8.2020 Download (53.83KB) pdf
149 M/s Toshniwal Hyvac Pvt Ltd., Chennai IMP/TN/04/2015 16.01.2015 Pasiline Displacement meter for liquid, flow meter 15.01.2020 Download (57.16KB) pdf
150 M/s Hicks Thermometers (India) Limited, Delhi IMP/DL/20/2015 30.03.2015 Non automatic Weighing Instruments and Thermometer (Digital & Non Digital). 29.03.2020 Download (61.88KB) pdf
151 M/s The Hot Plate Centre, Delhi IMP/DL/37/2015 3.7.2015 Gas Meters 2.7.2020 Download (74.40KB) pdf
152 M/s Tanita India Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai IMP/MH/05/2015 04.02.2015 NAWI 03.02.2020 Download (53.47KB) pdf
153 M/s Ashlyn Chemunnoor Instruments Pvt. Ltd., Kerala IMP/KL/21/2015 30.03.2015 Non automatic Weighing Instruments. 29.03.2020 Download (56.08KB) pdf
154 M/s Tokheim India Private Limited, Mumbai IMP/MH/38/2015 3.7.2015 Fuel Dispensing Unit, Spare Parts and Accessories. 2.7.2020 Download (54.69KB) pdf
155 M/s Scaletech Mechatronics Pvt. Ltd., Gujarat IMP/GJ/06/2015 10.2.2015 NAWI 9.02.2020 Download (57.72KB) pdf
156 M/s Silverline Meditech Pvt. Ltd., Delhi IMP/DL/22/2015 23.04.2015 Non automatic Weighing Instruments. 23.4.2020 Download (78.68KB) pdf
157 M/s Oil & Gas Plant Engineers (India) Pvt. Ltd., Delhi IMP/DL/39/2015 14.7.2015 LPG Dispensers. 13.7.2020 Download (51.44KB) pdf
158 M/s Endeavour Instrument Pvt. Ltd., Gujarat IMP/GJ/07/2015 10.02.2015 NAWI 09.02.2020 Download (60.25KB) pdf
159 M/s .J.Y.M. Thermometers Industries., Delhi IMP/DL/23/2015 23.04.2015 Non automatic Weighing Instruments. 23.4.2020 Download (60.02KB) pdf
160 M/s Regenix Drugs Ltd., Chennai IMP/TN/08/2015 10.02.2015 Thermometer & Sphygmomanometer  09.02.2020 Download (62.58KB) pdf