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Home Organisation and Units Division Parliament and Coordination Oraganization and Method

Oraganization and Method

I. Work relating to Organization and Methods.

  1. Distribution of work among officers/sections in the department.
  2. To compile and maintain up-to-date information concerning the organisation and functions of the department including an organizational chart.
  3. Review and rationalization of reports and returns, devising procedures and facilitating proper collection, transmission, distribution, processing storage and easy and prompt retrieval of information etc.
  4. Forms design and control.
  5. Standardization of forms of communications.
  6. Manner of processing certain types of repetitive work.
  7. Review of delegation of financial and administrative powers.
  8. Filing i.e.

    1. Developing appropriate systems of filing for various items of work or information.
    2. Drawing up standardized file indices broadly based on functional designs and periodic review thereof.
  9. Records management i.e.

    1. ensuring preparation or review of record retention schedules concerning substantive functions of the department by the concerned sections and furnishing guidance therefore as necessary;
    2. scrutiny of monthly reports of arrears relating to recording, indexing, weeding etc. of files and suggesting remedial action required.
  10. Controlling delays- scrutiny of various arrears statements so as to bring to notice of appropriate officers failures in preparation or delays in submission.
  11. Inspections:-

    1. Drawing up of a programme of inspections of and preparation of confidential roster of surprise inspections and ensuring that they are carried out by the officers concerned.
    2. Scrutiny of the inspection reports, to locate the more common or serious defects with a view to suggesting appropriate remedial action and/or for reporting to the AR&PG as necessary.
  12. Over-seeing prompt compilation and manualisation of administrative orders and instructions by the sections concerned.
  13. Keeping a watch of the disposal of reference received from M.Ps. and other V.I.Ps.
  14. Introduction of Desk Officer System in the Department and the work connected there with.
  15. Allocation of Business Rules.

II Career Management

Work pertaining to the preparation of “Qualification Standard” (Job Description) of all posts of the rank of Under Secretary or equivalent or above in the Department and its subordinate formation.

III Performance Management, Cabinet Secretariat – RFD, CC etc.

  1. Finalization and term end evaluation of Result Framework Document (RFD) of the department (submission online).
  2. Finalization and yearly renewal of Citizens’/Clients’ Charter (CCC) of the department with Sevottam compliant features (submission online).
  3. Other RFD related matter (Mandatory SIs), RFD of RCs, etc.

IV Right to Information (RTI) Act, 2005

  1. Coordination and monitoring the disposal of RTI applications received in the department
  2. Compilation of Quarterly Annual returns for submission to CIC.
  3. Coordination and monitoring the disposal of RTI First Appeals and CIC orders concerning the department.

V Training, Foreign deputation & Others

  1. Foreign Assignments of senior officers of the department and returns on the subject to MEA etc.
  2. Deputation/Delegations abroad to various seminars and conferences of senior officers.
  3. Training abroad under Special Commonwealth Scheme of African Assistance Plan, Colombo Plan, Indo-French Technical Development Agreement, International Labour Organization and others.
  4. Training of Headquarters staff in India.
  5. e-Governance measures in the department.