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    Home Organisation and Units Division Legal Metrology Certificates of Importers
Certificates of Importers
S. No Name IEC Number Certificate Number Date of Issue Equipment Date of Validity Action
41 M/s Nectar Lifesiences Ltd Punjab IMP/PB/47/2017 18.07.2017 Electronic Thermometer, electronic blood pressure meter (sphygmomanometers) and non-automatic weighing instruments 17.7.2022
42 M/s Cos Trading Pvt Ltd, Maharashtra IMP/MH/13/2017 21.03.2017 All types of weighing and measuring instruments (Digital & Analogue) 20.3.2022
43 M/s Shri Govind Kantawala, Rajasthan IMP/RJ/32/2017 01.06.2017 Non automatic weighing instruments, beam scale and counter machine. 1.6.2022
44 M/s Zenner Aguamet Pvt Ltd, Haryana IMP/HN/48/2017 18.07.2017 Water meters and its part 17.7.2022
45 M/s Apple Weigh Infra Ltd, Gujarat IMP/GJ/14/2017 21.03.2017 Non automatic weighing instruments 20.3.2022
46 M/s Arneja Manufacturing Trading Co Delhi IMP/DL/33/2017 01.06.2017 Steel tape measures and fabric or plastic tape measure. 1.6.2022
47 M/s Mx Rady Lab Solutions Pvt Ltd, Delhi IMP/DL/49/2017 14.08.2017 Non automatic weighing instruments 13.8.2022
48 M/s C. Abhaykumar & Co. Maharashtra IMP/MH/15/2017 21.03.2017 Non automatic weighing instruments 20.3.2022
49 M/s Vandana & Co., Chennai IMP/TN/34/2017 19.06.2017 Non automatic weighing instruments, steel tape measures and fabric or plastic tape measure 18.6.2022
50 M/s A.K. Traders, Kerala IMP/KL/50/2017 14.08.2017 All kind of weighing & measuring instruments and non automatic weighing instruments 13.8.2022
51 M/s Stanely Black & Deker India Pvt Ltd, Maharashtra IMP/MH/16/2017 27.03.2017 Weights and measures, type measures 26.3.2022
52 M/s Nectar Biopharma Pvt Ltd, Punjab IMP/PB/01/2017 09.01.2017 Weighing instruments, blood pressure meter (sphygmomanometers) and thermometer 8.1.2022 Download (42.56KB) pdf
53 Ranish Impex PVt Ltd, Maharashtra IMP/MH/17/2017 03.04.2017 Non automatic weighing instrument, staturemeter, thermometer, sphgmomanomter 2.4.2022
54 M/s Multi-Weigh India Pvt Ltd, Punjab IMP/PB/02/2017 09.01.2017 Weighing instruments, blood pressure meter (sphygmomanometers) and thermometer 8.1.2022 Download (41.12KB) pdf
55 M/s Avanti Feeds Ltd, Telangana IMP/Telangana/18/2017 13.04.2017 Automatic gravimetric filling instruments 12.4.2022
56 M/s ----- ----- ------ ------
57 M/s Manikant Brorum, Maharashtra IMP/MH/03/2017 09.01.2017 Water meter and gas meter 8.1.2022 Download (38.88KB) pdf
58 M/s Archerchem , Mharashtra IMP/MH/19/2017 13.04.2017 Non automatic weighing instruments 12.4.2022
59 M/s Ohaus Weighing India Pvt Ltd, Maharashtra IMP/MH/04/2017 09.01.2017 Non automatic weighing instruments 8.1.2022 Download (40.03KB) pdf
60 M/s Inel Gas Contoso Pvt Ltd, Gujarat IMP/GJ/23/2017 13.04.2018 RPD Gas meters, electronic volume correctors and thermal mass meter 12.4.2022