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Home Organisation and Units Division Integrated Finance Outcome Budget / Output-Outcome Monitoring Framework

Outcome Budget / Output-Outcome Monitoring Framework


Outcome Budget have become an integral part of the budgeting process and broadly indicates the physical dimensions of the financial budgets and its also the actual physical performance of last financial year.

Outcome Budget published in a booklet summarizing relevant details in six Chapters highlighting the details of the monitoring mechanism and the public information system put in a place by the Ministry/Department to regularly monitor physical and financial progress during the course of the year and inform the general public about it.  

Chapter - I A brief introductory note on the functions of the Ministry/Department Organizational set up, list of major programmes/schemes implemented by the Ministry/Department, its mandate, goals and policy framework.
Chapter – II This will contains a tabular format, which may be visualized as “Vertical Compression and Horizontal Expansion” of the statement of Budget Estimates (SBE).
Chapter - III This will details reform measures of Ministry/Department and how they relates to the intermediate outputs and final outcomes in areas.
Chapter- IV Review of past performance.
Chapter –V Financial review covering overall trends in expenditure viz-a-viz BE/RE in recent years including current year (scheme-wise/object-wise/Institution-wise/position of outstanding Utilization Certificates control of the Ministry/Department.
Chapter-VI Review of performance of Statutory and Autonomous Bodies under the administrative central of the Ministry/Department.
Outcome Budget
Title Action
Output-Outcome Monitoring Framework 2022-23 Download (1.89MB) pdf
Output-Outcome Monitoring Framework 2021-22 Download (5.62MB) pdf
Output-Outcome Monitoring Framework 2020-21 Download (955.81KB) pdf
Outcome Budget 2006-07(Final) Download (122.50KB) document
Outcome Budget 2010-11(English) Download (558.00KB) document
Outcome Budget 2011-12(English) Download (747.00KB) document
Outcome Budget 2012-13(English) Download (718.50KB) document
Outcome Budget 2013-14(English) Download (692.50KB) document
Outcome Budget 2014-15(English) Download (558.62KB) pdf
Outcome Budget 2015-16 (English) Download (532.81KB) pdf
Outcome Budget 2016-17 (English) Download (577.87KB) pdf