NCDRC Judgment


Sl.No. CASE NO. SUBJECT Download
1.       FA/250/14 Compensation awarded due to non-delivery of the possession of the plot or refund of the money. Download  View Document1.936 MB 
2.       RP/1367/14 Suppression of material facts with regard to the health of the insured. Download  View Document528.091 KB 
3.       RP/4191/08 Hospital liable to pay for the negligence of the doctor. Download  View Document3.146 MB 
4.       RP/315/15 Bank vicariously liable to pay back the matured value of the FDR Download  View Document1.809 MB 
5.       RP/2362/14 Issuing a policy to a person of 61 years age and then stating that age related disease are excluded amounts to unfair trade practice Download  View Document615.203 KB 
6.       RP/1137/11 CGHS beneficiary is a Consumer within the meaning of C P Act, 1986 Download  View Document1.445 MB 
7.       RP/2186/13 Act of the official in non-delivery of the letter is wilful and deliberate. Download  View Document2.036 MB 
8.       RP/895/13 Frivolous litigation to be thrown at the threshold Download  View Document3.054 MB 
9.       RP/873/13 The act of the builder in not handing over the possession of the plot amounts to unfair trade practice.  Download  View Document2.387 MB 
10.  FA/110/05 Medical Negligence Download  View Document15.069 MB 
11.  OP/255/01 Imparting of education by an Institution for consideration falls within the ambit of service as defined under C. P. Act, 1986  Download  View Document4.831 MB 
12.  OP/174/98 Kidnapping of a new born child from the Hospital amounts to deficiency in service.   Download  View Document4.774 MB 
13.  OP/155/96 LIC handed over possession without completion certificate. There is contributory liability.  Download  View Document5.869 MB 
14.  OP/269/99 LIC – Negligence Case Download  View Document2.146 MB 
15.  OP/25/05 Death Caused due to Negligence – OTIS Elevator Co. (India) Ltd. Case Download  View Document5.486 MB 
16.  OP/93/04 Negligence of lift operator amounts to deficiency in service. Download  View Document3.524 MB 
17.  FA/473/09 Cancellation or reschedule of flights. Download  View Document591.462 KB 
18.  RP/2768/08 Refusing to declare Bonus does not amount to deficiency since bonus was not admissible as per the policy. Download  View Document804.648 KB 
19.  RP/3449/12 Possession of Flat not handed over by HUDA. Alleged deficiency in service. Download  View Document674.571 KB 
20.  RP/3251/13 Claim from the Insurance – one has to approach the Forum with clean hands. Download  View Document970.083 KB 
21.  RP/1207-1212/12 Refusal to return the deposits on maturity amounts to deficiency in service. Download  View Document904.151 KB 
22.  FA/493/11 Oriental Insurance Co. Ltd Case Download  View Document3.137 MB 
23.  RP/2369/13 Builder is supposed to complete the project and deliver the possession of the house within a reasonable time Download  View Document780.925 KB 
24.  RP/2476/12 Violation of the terms & conditions of the contract by Insurance Company Download  View Document983.262 KB 
25.  OP/44/03 Repudiation of the Insurance Claim upheld since the complainant did not approach with clean hands.  Download  View Document1.123 MB 
26.  RP/4 & 5/13 Acceptance of initial payment is no ground to reject claim - Insurance Sector Download  View Document2.179 MB 
27.  FA/128/09 Non-delivery of the possession of the property. Download  View Document2.238 MB 
28.  FA/136/08 Negligence by Hospital Download  View Document3.542 MB 
29.  RP/3146/12 Persons seeking information under RTI Act cannot be treated as consumer. Download  View Document4.911 MB 
30.  CC/66/14 Persons seeking information under RTI Act cannot be treated as consumer. Download  View Document218.912 KB 
31.  CC/7/06 Consumer within the meaning of Section 2 (1) (d) of the Act Download  View Document3.749 MB 
32.  FA/664/07 Loss caused due to leakage in the gas cylinder provided by the IOC. Download  View Document2.171 MB 
33.  RP/2638/10 Insurance Company is not liable to pay compensation if the insured vehicle meets with accident whose driver was not in possession of valid driving license. Download  View Document1.375 MB 
34.  CC/15/06 The movement of the lift even when doors were open amounts to negligence leading to deficiency Download  View Document1.633 MB 
35.  RP/2684/14 A candidate joining the coaching class and withholding later in the mid-session is not entitled for the refund of the fee unless the student is able to establish that on his vacating the place some other candidates has been inducted.  Download  View Document1.188 MB 
36.  CC/67/08 Issuing confirmed tickets and taking by a different inferior airlines amounts to use of unfair trade practice Download  View Document1.694 MB 
37. RP/3972/2014 Mutiplex Owners to provide free pure drinking water Download  View Document2.333 MB 


Last Updated on : 20/10/2016