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Legal Metrology The Legal Metrology (Packaged Commodities) (Amendment) Rules,2015- Advisory for dispensation-reg View / Attachment  View Document 29.12.2015
 ECR&E  Letter to All chief Minister  regarding to check the prices of Onions excercising powers under EC Act.

 S-10/1/2015-ECR&E (English)  View Document321.185 KB 


 S-10/1/2015-ECR&E (Hindi)  View Document301.185 KB 

 ECR&E  Letters to All Chief Secretary regarding submission of Six monthly action plan concluded in National Conference 2014  S-2/8/2015-ECR&E  View Document721.842 KB   19.08.2015
ECR&E Stock limits on pulses etc. imposed by the State Governments/ UTs- clarification reg S-10/4/2014-ECR&E  View Document551.841 KB  17-07-2015
ECR&E Extension or otherwise of the validity of Central Orders dated 30.09.2014 in respect of Pulse, Edible Oils and Edible Oilseeds beyond 30.09.2015-reg S-10/03/2015-ECR&E  View Document241.185 KB  17-06-2015
Letter to Chief Secretary of All State/UTs regarding Action taken by State/UTs to Curve the price rise.
 ECR&E  Response to Parliament Matters and implementation of the EC Act and PBMMSEC Act- An advisory regarding  S-8/2/2015-ECR&E  View Document  07-05-2015
 ECR&E  Clarification regarding stock holding limits prescribed for Retailer (Multiple Outlet)/large departmental retailers on different commodities -reg  S-16/02/2015-ECR&E  View Document  29.04.2015


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