1. Budget proposals received from various Divisions. CA BO/US(IF)
  2. Consolidated Budget proposals (both for Plan and Non-Plan) Demand No.42 Secy(E) BO/US(IF)/CCA/FA
  3. Budget proposals of Union Territories without legislatures. CCA BO/US
  4. Foreign Exchange budget proposals. Secy BO/US/CA/FA
  5. Budget proposals relating to loans and advances to Govt. servants CCA BO/US
  6. Budget proposals relating to Publicity Budget. AS&FA BO/US/CCA
  7. Material for ‘Explanatory Memorandum' on Budget. AS&FA BO/US/CCA
  8. Notes of Demands for Grants. AS&FA BO/US/CCA
  9. Brief for Minister. Secy BO/US/CCA/AS&FA
  10. Write up on Plan Budget AS&FA BO/US/CCA
  11. Printing of Detailed Demands for Grants Demand no.45. US(IF) BO
  12. Supplementary Grant. Secy(E) BO/US/CCA/AS&FA
  13. Surrender/Re-appropriation AS&FA BO/US/CCA
  14. Explanatios for variations for Draft appropriation accounts. CCA BO/US
  15. Periodical reports to the Ministry of finance on progress of expenditures. BO US (IF)
  16. Giving assurances for excess payment pending finalisation of Budget/Re-appropriation orders. US(IF) BO
  17. Performance Budget AS&FA/Secy(F) BO/US/CCA/FA/Secy
  18. Monthly statement on progress of expenditure from Pr.A.O.and their intimation to the Division concerned. US(IF) BO
  19. Queries about availability of funds. BO
  20. Proposals for opening of New Heads/Sub-Heads. CCA BO/US
  21. Reference from Ministry of Finance seeking suggestions about various aspects of New services/New Instrument of service. AS&FA BO/US/CCA
  22. Proposal for drawl of advance from the contingency funds of India Secy(E) BO/US/CCA/FA/Secy
  23. Distribution of Budget allotment among different Divisions. US(IF) BO
  24. Information for Parliament questions. AS&FA BO/US/CCA
  25. Draft Audit Paras. CCA BO/US(IF)/CCA
  26. Misc. Budgetary Matters. US/CCA BO/US
  27. Periodical reports to WSU other sections and administrative Vigilance Unit & Parliament Section. US(IF) BO
  28. Matters related to O&M
    1. Function of section CCA BO/US
    2. Level of disposal AS&FA BO/US/CCA
  29. Financial proposals relating to contingent expenditure
    1. Upto Rs. 10,00,000/- in each case CCA BO/US(IF)
    2. Exceeding Rs. 10,00,000/- AS&FA US(IF)/CCA
  30. Employment of daily wages staff within permissible limits. CCA BO/US
  31. Employment of daily wages staff not within permissible limits. AS&FA BO/US/CCA
  32. Economy in petrol and diesel consumption by staff cars etc. of the department of Consumer Affairs attached and subordinate offices condoning of consumption in excess of the prescribed limits. AS&FA BO/US/CCA
  33. Economy in the expenditure on telephone barring of STD facilities to non-entitled officers. AS&FA BO/US/CCA
  34. Refreshment served at official meetings/conferences where the per head ceiling fixed by the Ministry of Finance is exceeded. CCA/AS&FA BO/US/CCA
Last Updated on : 19/01/2015