1. Implementation of the Central Secretary. Section/ Sector Scheme for strengthening Dir./JS/ the National Cooperative E.A. Consumers Federation of India Ltd, for expansion of business and setting up of Consumers Cooperative Stores
  2. Review of performance of Secy./ -do- NCCF Minister
  3. Strengthening of the business J.S./E.A/ -do- of NCCF liaison with other Secy. Ministries/Departments
  4. Liaison work with Ministries/ -do- -do-Deptt. like Agrl.,Food, Revenue, and organizations like STC,FCI, etc.
  5. Nomination on the Board of NCCF Minister -do-
  6. Appointment of MD, NCCF Secy. -do-
  7. Approval of the Govt. for filling J.S/E.A. -do- up of the posts in NCCF
  8. Revision of the pay scales of the Secy. -do- employees of NCCF
  9. Monitoring of outstanding dues of JS/EA/Secy. -do- the NCCF
  10. Monitoring of matters relating to JS/EA -do- the repayment of govt. loans
  11. Review of the monthly sales JS/EA/Secy. -do- performance of NCCF and its branches
  12. Matters related to appointment J.S./E.A -do- and promotions in NCCF
  13. Comments on the agenda notes J.S./E/A -do- on the AGM and Executive Committee meeting of the BOD
  14. Matters relating to construction JS/EA/Secy. -do- of building of the NCCF
  15. Meetings of the International JS/EA/Secy. -do- Coop. Alliance and other Minister Seminars/Conferences concerning Consumers Cooperatives
  16. VIP References Minster -do-
  17. Parliament Questions As per -do- Unstarred/Starred direction of Minister
  18. Reports/Returns to O&M, Dir./JS/EA -do- P&C & B&F Sections
  19. Complaints against the NCCF JS/EA -do- employees
  20. Other misc matters relating JS/EA -do- to NCCF
Last Updated on : 19/01/2015