1. Sanction of new residential telephones JS SO/DS
  2. Miscellaneous Expenses
    1. Expenditure on entertainment JS SO/DS
    2. Foundation stone laying ceremonies and opening of Public Building JS SO/DS
    3. Light refreshment at inter-departmental meetings JS SO/DS/JS
  3. Expenditure on contingencies and purchase of stores (other than work)
    General Administration
    Recurring Non-recurring
    Upto 1000/- 2000/- US SO
    Upto 15000/- 40000/- JS SO/US/DS
    Upto 8000/- 10000/- DS/Dir SO/US
  4. Purchase of Bicycles US SO/US
  5. Maintenance of Building
    1. (Petty works and repairs to Govt. owned bldgs (Rs. 50,000) p.a.& Rs. 5000/- in each case)
      General Administration
      (a) upto 1000/- US SO/US
      (b) upto 5000/- DS SO
      (c) above 5000/- JS SO/US
    2. Ordinary repairs to Govt. owned buildings
      General Administration
      Recurring Non-recurring
      a. upto 400/- 1000/- US SO
      b. upto 2000/- 3000/- DS SO/US
      c. above 2000/- 3000/- JS SO/US
  6. Conveyance hire re-imbursement of
    1. Conveyance hire in public interest to officers
    2. For casual Deptt. use.
    3. For providing transport facilities to State Guests
    4. For Inter-State/International conferences (In consultation with IF Division wherever necessary ) US SO
  7. Writing off of losses
    1. Irrecoverable losses of stores of public money.(Rs. 20,00,000/- for losses of stores not due to theft, fraud or negligence Rs. 2,00,000/- for other cases )
    2. Loss of Revenue or irrecoverable loans and Advance (upto 50,000/-) Secretary SO/DS/JS
    3. Deficiencies and depreciation in the value of stores (upto 50,000/-) Secretary SO/DS/JS
  8. Disposal of obsolete, surplus & unserviceable stores JS SO/US
  9. Advance for purchase of conveyance
    1. Cycle US(Cash) SO
    2. Scooters DS(Cash) SO/US
    3. Motor Cars JS(Admn.) SO/US/DS
  10. 10.
    1. Legal charges fees to barristers pleaders a-roitraters and umpires.
    2. Other legal charges (Rs. 10,000/- in arbitration cases each case) JS SO/US/Dir
    3. Re-imbursement of expenses incurred by Govt. Servants in cases arising out of their official duties. US SO
  11. 11. Printing and binding
    1. Where work is executed through CCPS JS SO/US
    2. Other cases upto Rs. 10,000/- JS SO/US
  12. Local purchase of stationery As per DFP Rules SO/US/DS
  13. Motor vehicles (staff cars)
    1. Purchase JS/FA/Secy(E) SO/US/DS
    2. Maintenance upkeep & repair US SO
  14. Furniture and fixture purchase and repairs (Subject to such conditions and scales as may be prescribed by the Ministry of works, housing and D.O) US SO
  15. Hire of office furniture's electric, fans, heaters, coolers, clock and call bells US SO
  16. Posts and Telegraph charges
    1. Issue of letters and telegrams etc. US SO
    2. Commission on Money Orders US SO
  17. Publications
    1. Purchase of official publications US SO
    2. Nom-official publications
      1. upto Rs. 50/- in each case US SO
      2. above Rs. 50/- in each case DS SO
  18. Freight and demurrage age wharf charges. (subject to the condition that airlifting of stores can be sanctioned only in. consultation with I.F.A.) US SO
  19. Repair/Maintenance of Typewriters
    1. upto Rs. 500/- per annum in each case US SO
    2. Above Rs. 500/- p.a. in each case DS SO
  20. Staff paid from contingencies (casual labour ) US SO
  21. Telephone Charges US SO
  22. Local purchase of rubber stamps and other seals US SO
  23. Supply of uniforms, badges and other articles of clothing etc. and washing allowance US SO
  24. Payment of municipal rates and taxes on building US SO
  25. Expenditure on entertainments and light refreshments(subject to expenditure being limited to Rs. 3.50 per head for one meeting Limit enhanced vide M/o Finance. Notification dated dated 9.2.93 (p.111 of DFPR) US SO
  26. Issue of Identity Cards to officials US SO
  27. Issue of Identity Cards to Non- officials JS SO/DS
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