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What's New
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1 "Bids are invited on GeM for supply of 11 mobile weighbridge testing kits for testing of weighbridges for State Governments Published On: 19/01/2018
2 FAQs for smooth implementation of GSR 629(E) dated 23.6.2017 Published On: 03/01/2018
3 Advisory for the smooth implementation of GSR 629(E) dated 23.6.2017 upto 31.01.2018 Published On: 03/01/2018
4 Advisory to use stickers etc. for MRP due to revision of GST upto 31.03.2018 Published On: 29/12/2017
5 Advisory to use old wrappers with sticker/ online printing etc.due to implementation of GSR 629(E) Dated 23.6.2017 Published On: 29/12/2017
6 The Legal Metrology (Packaged Commodities) (Amendment) Rules, 2017 vide Notification No. GSR 629(E) dated 23rd June, 2017- Advisory for smooth Implementation -regarding Published On: 19/12/2017
7 "Expression of Interest for engagement of Social Network Media Management Agency to utilize the Social Media Platforms by the Department of Consumer Affairs” -reg Published On: 18/12/2017
8 Relaxation under Rule 33(1) of Legal Metrology (Packaged Commodities) Rules, 2011 i.r.o Single Brand retail trading entities Published On: 04/12/2017
9 Notification of Standing Committee on Government e-Marketplace (SCOGeM) -reg Published On: 01/12/2017
10 Provisional List Of Direct Selling Entities Published On: 29/09/2017
11 Impact of GST on unsold stock of pre-packaged commodities- extension of permission upto 31.12.2017 Published On: 29/09/2017
12 Minutes of the 31st Meeting of the Central Consumer Protection Council (CCPC) held on 17th April, 2017at New Delhi Published On: 17/05/2017
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