Responsibility of the Centre and the States in relation to weights and measure
The responsibility in relation to weights and measures is shared between the Centre and the States. Matters of national policy and other related functions such as, uniform laws on weights and measures, technical regulations, training, precision laboratory facilities and implementation of the International Recommendation are the concern of the Central Government. The State Governments and Union Territory Administration are responsible for the day to day enforcement of the laws.
 The weights and Measures Unit in the D/o Consumer Affairs, being the central authority for dealing with the subject, is required to handle all the matters falling within the purview of the Central Government. In addition, it has to guide, co-ordinate and supervise the enforcement activities of the state enforcement machinery.
Important address are given below:
Additional Secretary,
Department of Consumer Affairs,
Krishi Bhavan, New Delhi
Tel: 23383027; Fax: 23386575; Res: 23073926
The Director, Legal Metrology
Department of Consumer Affairs,
461-A, Krishi Bhavan,
New Delhi.
Tel :011-23389489; Fax: 011-23385322; Res: 011-26175311
Last Updated on : 07/01/2015