Detailed Demand for Grants contains the Budget Estimates of the current financial year, Budget/Revised Estimates of the previous financial year and Actual expenditure of the previous to previous financial year (upto detailed object head level) in respect of Revenue and Capital heads under Plan (Voted) as well as Non-Plan (Voted). There is no provision/expenditure under CHARGED.

In addition, the information in respect of following are also shown in the DDG.

  1. Estimated strength of Establishment & provision thereof.
  2. Contribution to International Bodies.
  3. Particular of New Services/New Instrument of services.
  4. Guarantee given by the Central Government.
  5. Details of works costing Rs. 5.00 crore & above.
  6. Provision in the Budget for Central and Centrally sponsored Plan Scheme estimates.
  7. Detailed provision object head-wise.
  8. Details of Non-Plan expenditure provision costing Rs. 25 lakh & above.
  9. Details showing Grants-in-aid exceeding Rs. 5.00 lakh (Recurring) or Rs. 10.00 lakh (Non-recurring) to Private institution/organizations/ Individuals.
  10. Details of provision in Budget Estimates for payment of Grants-in-aid to Non-Government Bodies.
  11. Project-wise provision for expenditure on Externally Aided Projects.


Last Updated on : 23/02/2018