Brief on Vigilance Division

  1. Department of Consumer Affairs has a part-time Chief Vigilance Officer (CVO). The Addl.Secy/Spl.Secy looking after Vigilance Division is designated as the part-time CVO in addition to his normal duties assigned to the post. The CVO is assisted by a Director(vig)and the Vigilance Section.
  2. This Department monitors the vigilance work of the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS), National Consumer Cooperative Federation of India Ltd. (NCCF), National Test House (NTH)Kolkata, ndianInstitute of Legal Metrology (IILM), Ranchi, National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission (NCDRC).
  3. There are full time Chief Vigilance Officers (CVOs) in Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) and National Consumer Cooperative Federation of India Ltd. (NCCF) who are being appointed in consultation with DOP&T/CVC. The CVOs of the subordinate organizations directly report to CVO of this Department in vigilance matters wherever necessary in addition to sending their progress reports to Central Vigilance Commission(CVC). Vigilance Officers / Assistant Vigilance Officers have also been appointed in all attached/subordinate offices under this Department like NTH & its Regional Labs, IILM to coordinate with CVO in vigilance related matters and issue of vigilance clearances.
  4. With a view to preventing corruption and ensuring transparency and accountability, emphasis is given on the following aspects :

    1. conducting regular/surprise vigilance inspections, especially in areas which are corruption-prone in all attached/subordinate offices/organizations under this Department (except in B S & NCCF where full time CVOs are functioning) ;
    2. close monitoring on disposal of vigilance cases in all organizations under the Department; and
    3. rotation of staff in sensitive areas under this Department and attached offices/organizations.
  5. Periodic returns pertaining to Vigilance and Anti-corruption Measures are being sent regularly to Department of Personnel & Training (DOP&T). Fortnightly reports on monitoring of complaints of corruption received from PMO and also Report on sanction for prosecution to CBI are being sent regularly from CVO.

Chief Vigilance Officer (CVO)

Shri Anil Bahuguna

Joint Secretary,
Department of Consumer Affairs
270, Krishi Bhavan, New Delhi - 110001
Ph - 011-23386189, Fax : 011-23382395

Last Updated on : 11/12/2017