Comparative Test of Consumer Products and Services

The Ministry of Consumer Affairs has been financing various Voluntary Consumer Organizations for conducting comparative tests of Products and services. This helps the consumers to compare the products and take purchase decisions diligently. It confirms and protects the “RIGHT TO CHOICE” which is guaranteed to Indian Consumers in the Consumer Protection Act, 1986. The test results are based on the findings of laboratory tests conducted by the concerned NGOs/VCOs.

Comparative Test of Consumer Products and Services
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1 GlucosePowder  View Document332.987 KB   Cornflakes The lesser-known ones are no less  View Document395.346 KB   Child Benefit  View Document660.239 KB  PackagedFoodSeries(MarieBiscuit)  View Document489.994 KB  Digital Thermometer  View Document230.894 KB  Baby Food  View Document2.197 MB  Carbonatd  View Document1.111 MB 
2  Mixed Fruit Juices  View Document3.252 MB   Iodised Salt Less sodium, more iodine, and other things brands claim  View Document3.445 MB   Honey  View Document721.444 KB  eRetailinginIndia  View Document851.875 KB  Electric Pedestal Fans  View Document294.062 KB  Biscuit  View Document383.679 KB  Chyavanprash  View Document390.974 KB 
3  Curd  View Document328.786 KB   Tomato Ketchup  View Document368.973 KB   NPS  View Document346.71 KB  Lipsticks  View Document406.832 KB  Food Processor  View Document267.563 KB  Brown & White Bread  View Document Mustard Oil  View Document487.205 KB 
4  Taxi  View Document226.847 KB   Black Tea  View Document348.32 KB   Rice Bran Oils  View Document811.766 KB  Toiletsoaps  View Document1.006 MB  Gas Water Heater  View Document4.582 MB  Ceiling Fans  View Document1.779 MB  Electric Kettles  View Document413.599 KB 
5  Digestive Biscuits  View Document352.082 KB   Potato Chips  View Document358.57 KB   Buying a Car through Bank Loan  View Document397.041 KB  TravelInsurance  View Document783.209 KB  Groundnut Oil  View Document1.431 MB  Corn Flakes  View Document474.714 KB  Heat Convectors  View Document325.22 KB 
6  Tond Milk  View Document373.471 KB   Drinking Water  View Document392.121 KB   Besan (Fresh or flawed)  View Document1.338 MB  UPS  View Document779.393 KB  Shampoo & conditioner  View Document Dahi  View Document355.209 KB  Vanaspati  View Document392.837 KB 

  View Document213.913 KB 

Bank Fixed Deposit   View Document213.913 KB 
 20-Litre Packaged Drinking Water  View Document4.192 MB   Customer Service by Banks  View Document209.535 KB  eCommerce  View Document781.447 KB  Sunscreen  View Document330.466 KB  Induction Cooker  View Document216.108 KB  Frying Pans  View Document480.086 KB 
8  Health Insurance Plans  View Document328.781 KB 

 Wheat Flour (Atta)  View Document5.155 MB   Juicer Mixer Grinder  View Document344.931 KB  BloodPressureMonitor  View Document659.533 KB  Utensil bars  View Document339.533 KB  Mosquito Repellent  View Document806.495 KB  Thermos Flasks  View Document737.561 KB 
9  Rice Bran Oil  View Document380.702 KB   Ghee  View Document414.536 KB   Household Detergent Powders  View Document462.166 KB  Split_AC  View Document1.379 MB  Orange Juice  View Document496.106 KB  Soan Papdi  View Document344.7 KB  Water Bottles  View Document485.207 KB 
10  Pension Plans  View Document185.982 KB   Sunflower Oils  View Document399.309 KB   Packaged Full Cream Milk  View Document348.929 KB  Chocolates  View Document772.701 KB  Multipin Sockets  View Document189.806 KB  T-5 Fluorescent Lamps  View Document483.713 KB  Milk Packaged  View Document738.307 KB 
11 Service Charges by Cooperative Banks  View Document313.454 KB   Groundnut Oils  View Document318.787 KB   Mobile Banking  View Document246.686 KB  WaterPurifier  View Document521.719 KB  Sanitary Napkins  View Document1.158 MB  Talcum Powder  View Document420.038 KB  Patato chips & Snack Foods  View Document800.122 KB 
12 Deterjent Powder  View Document384.33 KB   Health Drinks  View Document395.153 KB   Mixed Fruit Jam  View Document479.477 KB  PersonalLoan  View Document713.672 KB  Health Drinks  View Document1.641 MB    Hair Oil  View Document861.837 KB 
13  Service Charges by Payment Banks  View Document319.318 KB   Dairy whiteners  View Document631.408 KB   Car Insurance  View Document387.397 KB  Health_Insuarance_for_Women  View Document372.688 KB  Salt  View Document3.445 MB    Handwash  View Document437.271 KB 
14  Paneer  View Document384.337 KB   Basmati Rice  View Document6.582 MB     Mutual Funds  View Document580.196 KB  Smartphones  View Document804.325 KB    Water Heaters  View Document438.671 KB 
15  Ayushman Bharat  View Document131.591 KB        Shaving Creams  View Document1.145 MB     
16  Honey  View Document315.539 KB        Paneer  View Document675.349 KB     
17  Term Insurance Plans  View Document242.31 KB        Herbal Toothpastes  View Document792.926 KB     
18         Ketchup  View Document607.721 KB     
19         Mixed Pickles  View Document489.4 KB     
20         Is It Wise to Invest in Gold Now  View Document669.916 KB     
21         Packaged Water  View Document1.134 MB     
22         Water Pumps  View Document3.186 MB     
23         BFSI Report Credit Cards  View Document495.079 KB     
24         Packaged GaramMasala  View Document924.874 KB     
25         Geysers  View Document533.547 KB     
26         Health Insurance  View Document199.493 KB     
27         Mutter Paneer in Packet  View Document528.016 KB     
28         Skin Moisturizers  View Document342.847 KB     
29         Electric Rice Cookers  View Document812.822 KB     

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Last Updated on : 12/10/2018