1. Policy matters relating to Consumer Cooperatives. Minister/Secy AD/DD/Dir
  2. Finalisation of patterns of financial assistance for development of consumer cooperatives under State Plan Schemes in the Union Territories . Secy/EA AD/DD/Dir
  3. Furnishing of material for Annual Report of the department. EA AD/DD/Dir
  4. Preparation of Action Plan of the Consumer Cooperative Division. EA AD/DD/Dir
  5. Audit and replies of Audit Paras. EA AD/DD/Dir
  6. Parliament Questions:-
    1. Starred MOS/Minister DD/Dir/EA/Secy
    2. Unstarred MOS DD/Dir/EA
  7. O&M returns. DD AD
  8. Monthly summery for the Cabinet. Dir AD/DD
  9. Monthly D.O.to Cabinet Secy. Dir AD/DD
  10. Information asked for by the Minister and other Deptts./Agencies. EA AD/DD/Dir.
  11. Administrative and Personnel matters of Consumer Cooperative Division. EA AD/DD/Dir
  12. Training Programmes for employees working in Consumer Cooperative Division. EA/Secy AD/DD/Dir
  13. Organisation of Conferences/Seminars.
    • Its Agenda
    • Organisation & Holding
    • Minutes, Persuastion for Action Taken Report Secy AD/DD/Dir.EA
  14. Nomination of Members of the Board of Super Bazar. Minister AD/DD/Dir/EA/Secy
  15. Review of performance of Super Bazar. Minister/Secy -do-
  16. Formulation and implementation of Central Sector Scheme viz. of Super Bazar, Delhi . Secy/EA AD/DD/Dir
  17. Preparation of Budget, Release of financial assistance to Super Bazar, Delhi , Utilisation of funds etc. EA/Secy AD/DD/Dir
  18. Coordination with regard to supply of essential items in short supply through Super Bazar. EA -do-
  19. Coordination between Super Bazar and other national level organization & other developmental agencies. EA -do-
  20. liaison with Ministries/Deptts. of Govt. of India. DDA for expansion and procurement of Building & Business for Super Bazar, Delhi EA/Secy -do-
  21. Complaints relating to Super Bazar, Delhi . EA -do-
  22. Comments on Agenda items for the meeting of Super Bazar/Kendriya Bhandar. EA -do-
  23. Other matters relating to Super Bazar,Delhi EA -do-
  24. Representation of employees and Unions of Super Bazar and Kendriya Bhandar. EA -do-
  25. Misc. matters relating to Super Bazar. Director AD/DD
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