1. Note for HPPMB meeting Secy RO/DD/DEA/EA
  2. Parliament Questions
    1. Starred Questions Minister DD/DEA/EA/Secy
    2. Unstarred Questions MOS DD/DEA/EA
    3. Other Parliamentary matters such as not for Consultative Committee/Parliamentary Standing Committee etc. Minister DD/DEA/EA/Secy
    4. Material to other Deptt. to answer Parliament Questions EA RO/DD/DEA
  3. CCP Notes Minister DD/DEA/EA/Secy
  4. VIP references Minister DD/DEA/EA/Secy
  5. Annual Report/Annual Action Plan EA RO/DD/DEA
  6. Monthly Summary/Monthly DO to Cabinet Secretariat EA RO/DD/DEA
  7. Correspondence with other Departments on CCP Notes, etc. Minister DD/DEA/EA/Secy
  8. Budget proposals/Budget speech etc. Secy DD/DEA/EA
  9. Other Important issues on prices Secy DD/DEA/EA
  10. Special Commodity Notes on Essential Commodities Secy DD/DEA/EA
  11. Market Intervention operation of Essential Commodities such as onion, Pulses etc. Minister DD/DEA/EA/Secy
  12. Material for India Annual and other publications EA RO/DD/DEA
  13. Correspondence with P&C Section, O&M Section etc. EA RO/DD/DEA
Last Updated on : 19/01/2015