1. Training/deputation
    1. Delegation/deputation of officers for training, attending conferences etc. abroad (Approval of screening Committee will be taken, wherever called for) Minister US/Dir/AS/Secy


    2. Training within the country:-
      1. Group A officers of the level of DS and above. Secy US/Dir/AS
      2. Other Group A officers AS US/Dir/AS
      3. Group B,C and D officers Dir US
  2. Inspections
    1. Drawing up of a programme of inspections and preparation of confidential roster of surprise inspections and ensuring that they are carried out by the officers concerned. Dir US
    2. Scrutiny of the inspection reports to locate the more common or serious defects with a view to suggesting appropriate remedial action and/or for reporting to the D/o AR&PG as necessary. Dir US
  3. Parliament Questions :-
    1. To be replied by O&M Section
      1. Starred Question  Minister US/Dir/AS/Secy
      2. USQ MOS US/Dir/AS
    2. For which information is supplied to other Deptts. /Sections AS US/Dir
  4. Monitoring of the receipt and disposal of the VIP references  Secy US/Dir/AS
  5. Record Room related management Dir US
  6. Miscellaneous O&M activities e.g. furnishing the information/returns sought by the D/o AR&PG and other Deptts. AS/Dir US
Last Updated on : 19/01/2015