1. Comments on the state legislations under article 301 of the Constitution. Minister DO/Dir/EA/Secy
  2. Amendments of :-
    1. Forward Contracts (Regulation) Act
    2. Emblems & Names (PIU) Act.
    3. Spirituous Preparations (Inter-State Trade & Commerce) Act and their rules and other policy matters pertaining to those Acts/Rules. Minister/Cabinet DO/Dir/EA/Secy
  3. Introduction/resumption/banning of forward trading in various commodities. Minister DO/Dir/EA/Secy
  4. Recognition of association for forward tradings Minister DO/Dir/EA/Secy
  5. Nomination of Directors of the Board of Directors of recognized associations. Minister DO/Dir/EA/Secy
  6. Clearance of names under Emblems and Names (PIU) Act. Secretary DO/Dir/EA
  7. Parliament Questions
    1. Starred  Minister DO/Dir/EA/Secy
    2. Unstarred  MOS DO/Dir/EA
  8. Reports/Returns and other miscellaneous matters. DO/Dir/EA DO/Dir
  9. Information asked for by Minister. Secy. DO/Dir/EA
Last Updated on : 19/01/2015