• Parliament Desk
      1. File duty roster of Under Secy(S)/DO/SO during session Dir SO
      2. Obtaining of passes from Lok/Rajya Sabha Sectt. US SO
      3. Collection of information from within US (for collection of the Deptt. for internal purpose sending information) JS (for consolidated replies to other Ministries approval of the reply for answering the Parliament Assurances. t/o be sent) SO
    2. TO collect the information from all sections regarding pending Parliament Assurances and Submitting the consolidated report to the Director and the AS US SO
    3. References relating to Consultative Committee Meetings of the Ministry of food & Consumer Affairs JS/Secy/Minister(As may be required depending upon the nature of ref. SO/US/Dir/JS/Secy
    4. Processing of recommendations of Parliamentary Committees Secy SO/US/Dir/AS
    5. Marking/Distribution of Questions of Lok/Rajya Sabha US(DS/JS to be Consulted in Case of doubt) SO/US
    6. Any other work relating to Parliament (not specified above) US/Dir/JS (depending) upon the nature of reference SO/US/Dir/JS
  • Coordination Desk
    1. Preparation of Annual Plans for Central & Centrally Sponsored Programmes. Secy SO/US/Dir/JS
    2. Preparation of Monthly D.O. for Cabinet Secretariat. Secy SO/Dir/AS
    3. Preparation of Fortnightly/Monthly Summaries for the Cabinet. JS SO/US/Dir
    4. Annual Report of Department of Consumer Affairs Secy SO/US/Dir/JS
    5. Reference regarding 20 point programme JS SO/US/Dir
    6. Coordination work in respect of items which do not concern directly or indirectly any other parliament section. JS SO/US/Dir
    7. All Misc. references. JS SO/US/Dir
Last Updated on : 19/01/2015