1. Private employment of near relatives in Private undertaking enjoying Govt. Patronage.
    1. Publication of books, consisting articles,
    2. Participation in radio broadcast etc,
    3. Raising of fund by Govt. servants,
    4. Report to Govt. regarding acceptance of gifts,
    5. Sanction to accept gifts,
    6. Engagement of members of the family in trade, business or management of insurance agency or commission agency,
    7. To accept for work done for any public body,
    8. Lending or borrowing money,
    9. Acquisition or disposal of immovable properties,
    10. Vindication for private character of Govt. servants.
      1. JS and above Minister US/Dir/AS/Secy
      2. DS/Dir and below Secy as the
      3. Group B Dir case
      4. Group C US may
      5. Group D US be.
        1. Subject to order issued by the President from time to time.
        2. Separate orders exist for All India Services officers.
    1. Subversive activity by members of the family. (a) Group A Minister US/Dir/AS/Secy
    2. Breach of Rules 16 (2) or (b) Group B(Sectt.) Secy as the 16 (4) (i.e. making (c) Group B(Non-Sectt.) AS case investment lending, borrowing (d) Group C DS/Dir may money by Govt. servant or members of his family ).
    3. Insolvency & habitual (e) Group D US be. indebtedness.
      1. Subject to general or specific orders issued by the President from time to time.
      2. Separate orders exists for all India Service officers.
  3. Complaint in the form of public grievances, allegations of corruption against gazetted and non-gazetted officers under Deptt. of Consumer Affairs CVO/Secy US/Dir/CVO
  4. All complaints in the form of public grievances, allegations of corruption in respect of all matters relating to,
    1. Non-gazetted/gazetted officers of Subordinate & attached offices under Deptt. of Consumer Affairs and
    2. Pertaining to all staff under Public Sector Undertaking under the administrative control of Deptt. CVO/Secy US/Dir/CVO
  5. Court cases and carrying out preliminary investigations ancillary to disciplinary proceedings having vigilance angles only. CVO/Secy US/Dir/CVO
  6. Appointment of Chief Vigilance Officer & Vigilance Officer in the office/Public Sector Undertaking under the administrative control of Deptt. Determination of Appointing/Disciplinary authority under the provision of CCS/CCA Rules in respect of officers & Staff both Headquarters/attached/subordinate offices. CVO/Secy US/Dir/CVO
  7. Disciplinary proceedings (having vigilance angle only) Concerned against gazetted officers in or under the Deptt Disciplinary US/Dir/CVO non-gazetted employees- Deptt. of Consumer Affairs Authority including cases investigated in the CBI and departmental enquires from time to time.
  8. Publicity in press of names & designation of officers connected by courts or the CBI cases. Secy US/Dir/CVO
  9. Annual Vigilance Inspections of attached/subordinate offices. CVO US/Dir
  10. Various vigilance reports and returns to be submitted to DOP&T and CVC etc. CVO US/Dir
  11. Rules, Manuals etc. pertaining to vigilance. CVO/Secy US/Dir/CVO
  12. Anti-corruption activities in consultation with CBI/CVC. CVO/Secy US/Dir/CVO
  13. Issue of vigilance clearance. CVO/US/Dir SO
  14. Assistance to CBI. CVO US/Dir
  15. Vigilance set-up declaration and staffing. CVO/Secy US/Dir/CVO
  16. General Vigilance Administration. CVO US/Dir
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