Weights And Measures
S.No. Item Level of final Disposal Proposed Channel Submission Proposed
1. Amendment to 1976 & 1985 Weights & Measures Acts MCAF&PD Dir/JS/Secy/MOS
2. Amendment to statutory rules framed under Standards of Weights & Measures Act, 1976 MCAF&PD DD/Dir/JS/Secy
3. Unification of the statutory rules to be made by the States by providing model draft. JS DD/Dir
4. Estt. of units within framework of SI units Dir AD/DD
5. Coordination of foreigntechnical agreement for the development of legal metrology in the country. MCAFPD Dir/JS/Secy.
6. Technical and administrative matters arising from India 's membership of the International organization of Legal Metrology and its presidential council and Committee. Secy DD/DIR
7. Preparation of guidelines and norms for the expending activities of the state weights & measures organizations in the States/U.Ts. JS DD/DIR
8. Interact with other technical bodies like NPL, BIS, MINT, DST and other Govt Deptt. Dir DD
9. Preparation of specification DIR DD
10. Preparation of manuals and instruction sheets containing the detail about the test procedure to be followed in the verification and inspection of weights and measures weighing and measuring instruments DIR DD
11. Estt. of the tolerance which, may be permitted in respect of packaged commodities conducting surveys and investigations relating thereto in respect of weights & measures and –Packaged Commodities. DIR DD
12. Supervising and directing the implementation by the State authorities of the provisions relating to verification and stamping of weights & measures intended for inter-State movement JS AD/DD/DIR
13. Issue of guidelines to State on enforcement laws and activities DIR AD/DD
14. Issue of approval of models of weights & measures and weighing and measuring instruments JS AD/DD/DIR
15. Follow-up action related to approval of models DIR AD/DD
16. Registration of exporters and importers. DIR AD
17. Issue of permission to export non-standard weights or measures MOS DD/DIR/JS
18. Supervision of Import of weights and measures DIR DD
19. Liaison with OIML ISO, IEC etc. JS AD/DIR
20. Preparation of the draft technical specification for concerned technical committee OIML DIR DD/DIR/JS
21. Planning and implementing the policies for the adoption of the International System of Units in commercial, Industrial, educational, Technical and other spheres. SECY DD/DIR/JS
22. All India controllers Conference JS DD/DIR/
23. Regional conference seminars and lectures DIR AD/DD
24. Participation in various technical committees of BIS & PFA DIR DD
25. Preparation of hand-outs, folders and other publicity materials for educating the people about the requirements of laws of legal metrology and generating consciousness among the consumers in regard to the correct measurement. JS DD/DIR
26. Management for training in the metrication and legal metrology for the nominees of the foreign Government JS AD/DIR
27. Indian Institute of Legal Metrology, Ranchi JS AD/DIR
28. Preparation of Plan Schemes of W&M Unit JS DD/DIR
29. Purchase proposals of the IILM, RRSLs and Directorate of weights and measures JS DD/DIR/B&F
30. Preparation of Developmental activities of the RRSLs and IILM JS DD/DIR
31. Preparation of budget of both Plan and Non-Plan Projects JS DD/DIR
32. Monitoring Budget expenditure of Plan and Non-plan scheme DIR AD/DD
33. Registration of Manufacturers, Packers under Standards of Weights and Measures (Packaged Commodities) Rules. AD AD/DD
34. Examination of Annual Plan Schemes of all the State and U.Ts. DIR AD/DD
35. Liaison with the Planning Commission in connection with the Plan Scheme of the state and U.Ts. DIR AD/DD
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